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How We Work

1. Your Requirements

We start by getting a thorough understanding of your requirements. 

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2. Supplier Sourcing

We provide sourcing activities in domestic area – Eastern Europe ( Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Latvia) and oversea – Asia (India, China, Taiwan) to find optimal solution for your products.

3. Quotation

You get quotation, with no hidden fees. One of our ultimate aim is to reduce the total cost of your product purchases. 

4. Samples, Quality Assurance

Transferring specific requirements in to supplier process before production. According  your requirements we prepare samples submission and documentation.

5. Manufacturing

Ensuring compliance with your standards and start manufacturing. Collecting information about running projects.

6. Final Inspection

Checking whether the complete goods meet the requirements as a product or not is determined in order to prevent the loss in your confidence.

7. Logistic & Distribution

We’ll be on hand to ensure target dates are met, to guarantee that products leave the warehouse and reach their allotted shipping routes on time.