About Us

NEXIMOS s.r.o. is an International Supply Partner which serves companies to sourcing & supplying custom manufacturing products in cost effective solution and provides professional engineering services to help our customers develop new products. Through global alliances and networks and with our core expertise in the mechanical engineering we can source and supply wide range of custom mechanical components and assemblies.

From global sourcing all the way to shipping, we make sure that your order meets your exact specifications in greatest value. Supply Partner helps you find strategic solutions for your purchasing of custom parts. 

We’re a Slovak-based limited company with over 8 years of experience sourcing, manufacturing and quality assurance. We source manufacturing partners mainly from Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Latvia) and Asia (China, India, Taiwan). 


Our Mission

Our mission is to supply top-quality components in cost efficient manner.

Our Vision

To become world-class, long-term reliable Supply Partner that offers complex solutions.

NEXIMOS is your one stop solution provider for all your supply chain management, manufacturing, quality control, and product development requirements.

Sourcing & Procurement

Quality Assurance

Supply Chain Management